Wireless Calling System
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Wireless Paging System

  • The system improves efficiency and service level
  • Ideal for restaurants, hotel, cafes, hospitals, etc.
  • Longer Endurance and Better Credibility


PROO Wireless Calling System can be widely used in restaurants, hotel, cafes, hospitals, etc.
It consists of:

  1. Transmitter Bell Button: To be placed on the dine-in tables for the customers to call the waiter for the service. Once the button is pressed, the table number appears on the display with a dingdong sound.
  2. Receiver Display: Through this, the waiters can see the last 4 calling numbers on the display hung on the wall. Once a number is displayed, the waiter is alerted to serve the calling table.
  3. Receivers Hand Watch: For convenience purposes, this is for the waiter to receive the same alert that is shown on the receiver display. With a receiver hand watch, he need not watch the receiver display. The waiter will be alerted on the watch via vibration to make him understand the calling table that needs service.
  4. Transmitter Keypad: To be placed in kitchen or on the counter. Once the order number is pressed on the keypad the respective number will appear on the Receiving Display as well as on the Receiver Hand Watch.

The system can be used to call the waiter to serve the order to the customer table or can be used as a queue system, where customer can give order at the counter and take a token for the order number. Once the order is ready, his token number will be called and get displayed on the Receiving Display with a dingdong sound to alert the customer to collect his order.

For example, Order Number 21 is ready. Counter Person can press 0021 + “ENT” key from the keypad transmitter. Then screen receiver displays the number 21 on the screen with a dingdong sound. Waiter or customer can see the display number and go and collect the order. Similarly, in case of the hospital, when the patient needs any help, he or she just needs to press the call button and the calling bed number will be showed on the RECEIVER of watch or display screen with “dingdong” sound or vibration. The Nurse and doctor can then offer timely help.

Any other business can call the token number via Transmitter Keypad to call the customer when his turn arrives.


With PROO Wireless Calling System, customers are saved from the hassle of standing in long queues while waiting to be served. Also, in case of Dine-in environment when the customer need service, they simply press the push button to call the waiter

The system improves efficiency and service level, reducing labor costs and enhancing the restaurant’s image.

  • No Queues
  • Less Workload
  • No Loud Number Calling
  • Better Credibility

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