Wireless Calling System
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Wireless Calling System

  • Durable in Use
  • Steady & Reliable
  • Better & Improved Services


Marvel Wireless Paging & Calling System can be widely used in restaurants, hotel, cafés, hospitals, etc. It consists of Transmitter Keypad for counter and Screen for customers use. Customer can give order at the counter; Order is taken at the counter and a queue number is given at the counter. Customer has to wait for the token number to be displayed on the screen to collect his order. When the Order is ready and his token number is displayed on the screen he can immediately collect it. For example Order Number 21 is ready. Counter can press 0021 + “ENT” key from the keypad transmitter. Then screen receiver further displays the number 21 on the screen with dingdong sound. Customer can see the display number and further go and collect the food.


  • It is durable in use with high strength aluminum alloy shell body.
  • The function is steady and reliable using the digital code technology.
  • Show 3-digit number and can show 2 groups of number at the same time. 
  • Show different service type with special symbols.
  • It can work with 999pcs 1-key or multi-key call buttons in max.
  • It can save 30 calling info in turn, and apply in basic service places.
  • Improve service level restaurant server for wireless calling system.


Technical parameters:

Working voltage: DC12V~18V 
Working current: <20mA 
Working Frequency: 433.92 MHz
Dimension:  365*158*40mm


The System consist the following parts:

  • Transmitter Keypad
  • Receiver Screen
MK-999 – Paging System One Keypad can Support 999 pagers in max.
With high strength ABS material cover.
Using digital code technology and the function is steady and reliable.
It can call 999 persons.
With power on/off, clear and next function.
Can work with K-236, K-300plus, K-302, K-403, K-402NR, K-2000, K-800, K-4-C, K-4-D,
K-10, K-11 Receiver.
Signal Range: >200m in open Area.
Frequency: 433mhz...
Working Voltage & Current: DC 12V & <10mA.
Dimension: 160*118*60mm
Mk-4-D – Wireless Calling System Wireless calling system - Main Display Receiving frequency: 433.92MHz
Receiving sensitivity: - 106dBm,Calling device capacity: 400
MK-M Wireless calling system - button ( WHITE / RED / BLACK )
MP-11 Size: 94*94*15mm.
Shell Material: High quality Polycarbonate.
Power: Built-in 3.76V Polymer lithium Battery.
Color: Red.
Prompt mode: Sound, Vibration, Flicker.
Codec Mode: Registration and Flexible Changing.
Print Logo acceptable.


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