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  • Feature Rich Easy to Use Label Printing Scale.
  • 10,000 PLU’s, Easy to Setup and User Friendly.
  • Ideal for Super Markets, Groceries and Specialty Stores.
  • Affordable and delivers crisp and easy to read labels to all users.


Easy to use these PS26 Weighing Scales are one of the most fast selling and popular label printing scales by Aflak. With 10,000 PLU’s these Label Printing Scales are easy to set up and are extremely user friendly. They deliver easy to read labels to all users having rich and colorful keyboard graphics. They are equipped with a 4 inch color TFT-LCD Double sided Display with a Pole. These Label Printing Scales are equipped with functions a retailer needs at an affordable price and are ideal for use in Super Markets, Groceries and Specialty Stores.


  • Print Parameters can be set and Barcode Formats can be accordingly customized.
  • Big Storage Capacity: 10,000 PLU’s inbuilt data storage capacity, with optional extra storage.
  • Powerful Network Communication: Program Setting, Multiple Machine Networking, Back Office Management via ether RS-232 or Ethernet (TCP/IP).
  • Supports ENGLISH / ARABIC Description on display and label print.
  • Easy Programming: PLU’s Database, Label Code Format, System Parameters, Hot Keys, 8 Letter Strings, 255 Explanation to be edited in PC or Directly in Scale
  • Powerful Data Processing: 224 (112*2) PLU’s Hot Key, Programmed and Printed in PC
  • Supports Automatic Printing.
  • User friendly Management software for easy upload of store PLU data to one or more Scales.





1/3000 F. S

Weighing Scope

0-6Kg - 15Kg or 0 - 15 - 30Kg

Weighing Resolution

2/5g or 5/10g

Storage Capacity

10,000 PLUs


Green backlighting segment code LCD screens

- Peel: 6 figures

- Weight: 6 figures

- Unit price: 8 figures

- Total price: 8 figures


140keys (112×2=224 PLU Hotkeys, 28 Function keys)

Printing Feature

Printing Method: thermal printing

Resolution of level: 8dots/mm

Printing speed: 60mm/s

Printing life: ≥30km

Printing Paper

Thermal printing label paper

Label Width: 30-60mm

Label Length: 25-48mm

Paper roll internal diameter: ≤80mm

Paper roll outer diameter: ≥42mm

Interval space between labels: 2-3mm

Printing Font

12×24 dot: 1.5mm (W) ×3.0mm (H)

Communication Ports

1×RS232 Serial, 1×RJ45 Ethernet

Power Supply

AC100-120V or AC200-240V, 50/60Hz

Power Consumption

Normal status: 5W


Printing status: 50W

Environmental Requirements

Storage temperature: -200 C ~ 500 C

Working temperature: -100 C ~ 400 C

Storage humidity: 10% ~ 95% RH

Working humidity: 20% ~ 90% RH

Scale Size (cm)

36(W) × 44(D) × 17.5(H) (the height is 49cm with display pole)

Package Size (cm)

49(W) × 48.5(D) × 23(H)

Gross Weight

About 9.3Kg


Product Brochure
Size: 1.04 MB


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