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Queue Management Systems

Manage & Minimize Queues with Improved Efficiency & Better Customer Service


It is a known fact that the ultimate result of a poor service and unsatisfied customers is loss of profits. Every customer wants the maximum attention, regardless of the number of other customers waiting to be served. Customers crowded at a counter become frustrated and soon create a stressful environment.

Instead of waiting in lines, closely behind one another, and with no privacy at all, your customers can spend the waiting time on their own choice. Each customer takes a ticket with a queue number and is free to decide where to wait and what to do. Your customer remains comfortable during waiting and serving time, leaves satisfied and remains your customer.

User friendly software keeps a record of the number of customer served, average waiting and serving time, customer rating of your service quality and stores them in its database for your further analysis to help you planning your resources better.


Aflak’s queue management systems help in increasing service efficiency, decreasing average wait times and adding advertising and promotional opportunities right into the queue.

Our state of art queue management systems are easy to install, simple to operate, that enhance the customer experience at key touch points. Customers hate to queue. Excessive waiting lines is a major cause of dissatisfaction across major sectors including Grocery stores and supermarkets, High street retailers, Banks, Theme parks.

Aflak provides standard as well as customized queuing solutions to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by different organizations.

Since it’s all about the Quality of Service your Business Delivers, gift your customers a value added service with Aflak Virtual Queuing Systems

Aflak Virtual Queue Management System ensures Social Distancing and a great Customer Experience. It is a system that places customers in a virtual waiting line or queue, where they don’t have to physically stand in a line to get a service. This system keeps track of everyone’s position in a queue and updates both customers and employees on the progress. They give customers the freedom to spend their time in other ways as per their own choice, not confining them to any waiting spot.


Queue Server Software

  • PC based Controlling & Monitoring Software can be accessed in real time or offline from any computer or network
  • Performs a fitness test of all the devices connected to the system
  • Generates various reports for performance analysis to provide better services to your customers
  • Valuable live data reporting of activities such as customers served by each staff so far, average time taken to serve customers, number of customers waiting at each counter, etc


Ticket Dispenser Queue Client

Queue Server Software can be installed in the Server’s PC or in touch screen kiosk for printing tickets.

Generates user customizable reports in the forms of graphs, pie diagrams and tables.


Types of reports:-

  • Division of Customers on Counters, No. of customers server in a period of time, Overall Load Factor, Average Waiting Hours, No. of Customers served by each service group, served by each service staff, ones abandoning the queue, What is the average customer waiting time and the No. of customers satisfied with the service delivered.
  • These reports are then sorted by queue numbers, persons, hours, days, weeks, months, years and further such classifications.


Remote Management Dashboard

In case of multiple site Installations the remote server can work online or offline during no internet connectivity.

Remote system manager configures services in each site from head office and generate performance reports for improving services.


LCD Master Display Screen

Full Colour LCD Display that displays not only the queue and the counter number but also displays advertising messages in both Arabic & English Languages.


LED Master Display Board

It comes in two sections to display the ticket number being called and counter number to which the customer shall proceed.


LED Counter Display Board

Placed on the top of the counter and displays the ticket number of the customer being served.


LCD Counter Display Screen

Functions same as the LED counter Display Board with the added advantage of colorful LCD with possibility display video or advertising material.


Manual Ticket Dispenser

Now pull a preprinted ticket from a manual ticket dispenser installed on a stand at the entrance. The ticket can be with a 2 or 3 digits number and of different colors to indicate different services, if required.


Service control Unit with the Ticket Dispenser

A standalone separate queuing device it delivers a ticket directly to the customer against the service he has selected.



Pre printed Serialized Tickets
Majorly comprises of the following information in Arabic & English and can even be customized.
Service type, Queuing Number, Date & Time, Average waiting time, Company Logo, Advertising and slogans other optional Information.


3 Keys Push Button

Equipped with Push buttons that notify the next ticket number to be displayed and served; enable the staff to call up the next number or switch to the next queue category and close or suspend the counter.


16 Keys Keypad with Number Display

Connects to a LCD Display, it comes with a 20 digits display showing the queue number of the called customer.
Each counter is equipped with one call keypad. The call keypad can be used to call a specific number for service.

It displays the queuing number of the customer to be served followed by a sound signal to catch customer’s attention and stay displayed while the customer is being served.


Custom Colours

Marve Queuing is a system with flexible design to suit as per ones unique functional needs.
The displays and ticket dispenser can be done as per customized colors that suit the interior design concepts for better integration with corporate image.


Voice Announcement

These are basically ceiling or wall speakers to notify the waiting customers of the queue number being served and the counter to be approached for extending the service.


VIP Card Reader (Optional)


service Evaluation Entry Unit (Optional)


Notification Messaging (Optional)


Queue Management System by Aflak includes open and close counter, call next customer, call a specific customer, transfer to the other line, silence call and many more multifaceted options.


  • Automatic Prayer Recognition and Azan Calling.
  • Auto Tickets Suspension on Preconfigured Timing before Prayer Timings.
  • Auto Service Resumption after Prayer Timings.
  • Hegira calendar.
  • Ramadan and local holiday’s Auto Recognition.
  • Multilingual Support.
  • Customized Solutions to meet specific requirements also available.
  • Customers management reports of old customers, old customers returning reports available as well, also supports call again and automated identification of abandoning customers.
  • Scheduling of Appointments, Calling by Appointment Time and reporting of no show customers is possible by Marve Queue Solutions
  • Indoor and Outdoor Services Support.
  • Smart Routing Functions: Identify Customer at arrival, Set Business Rules for Priorities and Route to Specific Agents; provide Hold and Release Functions, Allow Walking Time, and Allow Load-Balancing between Agent Groups.
  • Online reporting: View Online Agent Activity, View waiting time, aggregate departments, branches regions real-time service level and performance.
  • Historical reporting: View statistics based on agent activity, waiting time.
  • Alerts: Send online messages indicating long waiting times, long service duration, inadequate staffing levels, VIP customer arrival, or any other rule-based alert to display onscreen or send by email or SMS (Optional).
  • Ticket format: Print customer name, greeting, service, promotional message and time of arrival. The ticket format allows unlimited text and images.
  • Customer directions: Makes use of screens, LED signs, automated audio and text message.
  • Screen display format: Shows waiting customers, line length, waiting time, multiple services and messages, along with complete digital signage functionality.
  • Scalable to any number of branches, departments, lines and agents.
  • All configuration settings are parameter based, require no programming, are done remotely from the server and affect all branches immediately.
  • All user interfaces are Web-based, easy to use and linked to online contextual help pages.
  • Wired or wireless system components, either wired or wireless are Integratable with each other.
  • Open technology system.
  • Predicts waiting times accurately.
  • Integrates with different platforms and different database.
  • Dynamic remote customer recommendations.
  • Provides performance insights via reports and dashboards.
  • Enables you to engage waiting customers with digital signage.
  • Create your own solution-choose from basic and optional features.
  • MARVE, unlike any other, is a visual-based queue management system; capable of adapting to any business environment.
  • Flexible Licensing Structure: In addition, you will be granted with a lifetime license of using MARVE. This means that once you decide to purchase MARVE, you have privilege to use the system forever; without time limit or date of expiry.



Latest Cutting Edge Technology

  • Marve implements the latest cutting edge technology of the interactive touch screen kiosk with an impact and tempered proof glass, optional built ins in presence of sensors, magnetic card reader and barcode scanner. In addition the use of a high-speed thermal printer and low paper detector ensures cost effective budget for printing tickets.
  • Furthermore, Marve applications are built to fit in with the current and upcoming trends of the IT environment, including the web based systems on Windows 10 and modular add-ons that use e-mail and SMS technologies, as well as mobile devices such as android and IPad.

Web Browser Based Approach

  • Software readily works with any PC, since there will be no software installation needed, with only minimal configuration settings.
  • System configuration, system look and feel can be set by the Admin account.
  • Reports for Users, Services and Sections based on a given date and time.
  • Real time monitoring of the Queue process by the Admin account.
  • Graphical reports on Queue System Statistics for Users, Services and Sections based on a given date and time.

In House Developed Package

  • Our in-house development team with 20 years of accumulated experience has created & developed MARVE through continuous feasibility study, system analysis, system design, development and testing.
    Successful Installation, operation and maintenance in premises of various business sectors are a proof that we are committed to providing you with the finest quality of queue management system.
  • Moreover, any additional requests for customization, enhancement, new functions or features of MARVE can be realized without going through a third party liaison. This is to ensure effective communication, minimizing the risk of misunderstanding between authorized personnel of each party and speed up time of response and resolution.

Flexible System Integration

  • MARVE team of software engineers has managed to integrate the queue management system with different corporate internal systems. Among such systems are HL7 for healthcare institutions. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), SAP database, Balance Scorecard & Data Warehousing.
  • This integration experience includes but is not limited to file transfer(FTP) terminate and stay resident(TSR), Microsoft Message Queue and Oracle Messaging, Web Services(XML), screen scrapping/ robotic data entry, ODBC, DDE/ OLE/ ActiveX on the Windows platform and custom web controls for web based applications.

Non Proprietary Hardware

  • All components of MARVE can be installed in any hardware regardless of its brand, model or size. This non-proprietary nature of MARVE supports hassle-free selection, maintenance or replacement of the devices whenever required. You may use any of their existing hardware or those available in the market as long as they match the recommended specifications and are still in good condition.
  • Marve can be used as a software-based solution resulting in a simpler-to-use system. No additional hardware (keypad) required as everything operates with an open networking hardware and software.
  • Uses Open Standard PC and other hardware Equipment.
  • If you opt for Marve Kiosks, Marve Software can run on any regular PC, preferably dual core with 4GB RAM or higher, with Windows Operation system XP or newer version.
  • The PC that runs the Marve software must have an HDMI output to connect the LED TV, so that the Call Next Ticket audio can be broadcast from the LED TV.
  • Any LED TV with standard HD resolution and HDMI input.
  • Ticket Printer can be any regular POS Printer, typically EPSON TM-T88V POS, STAR TSP650II…etc.

Integrated Multimedia Functionality

  • Marve is more than just an advanced queue management system. It features smart presentation of queue information, entertaining multimedia item and marketing in one optimized package.
  • Marve utilizes on LCD/LED display with multimedia playback capabilities that will keep your customers occupied, well-informed and entertained while waiting for their ticket number to be called.

Highly Scalable

  • Marve is proven to be highly scalable. It accommodates from local to nationwide scale business. For majority of premises, MARVE is available in standard version, which includes touch screen ticket dispenser, multimedia display, staff module, back office administration module, monitoring dashboard and reporting tools.
  • However, for corporate where business performance is regularly monitored and evaluated, a centralized solution that has been setup for the implementation of MARVE in multiple branches and multiple brands.
  • Furthermore, configuration of queue management system in branch/brand from the head office is also simplified through the remote configuration system of this centralized solution.

Comprehensive Reporting

  • MARVE is a state-of-the-art queue management system that enables you to generate your own professional key performance indicator (KPI) reports. Queue statistics, service reports and staff performance will be always within your reach for faster and more precision decision making.
  • With a wide range of comprehensive reports presented in tabular and graphical format, these reports have been powerful reporting tools for management. They can take the information provided on these reports to analyze service quality and find ways to continually improve the quality of customer service, staff performance and branch performance.

Flexible Consumables

  • MARVE does not tie you with brand specific consumables. You can source any of the compatible consumable products that are available in the market. However, it will be a great advantage for you if you trust us to provide supplies of cost effective paper rolls that support the printing of up to 2,500 standard-sized tickets per roll.

Country wide Support Coverage

  • Our support is available across all the regions. Ths covers both online and on-site support. You can report any issues via e-mail or phone, to our support e-mail or hotline number.
  • To resolve minor issues, our support staff can provide immediate assistance over the phone. However, for high severity issues, our capable engineers and technicians are always ready to provide on-site support to ensure high system up-time.

SMS and Email Notification (Optional)

  • Sometimes your customers may want twalk around, go for window shopping, without worries of missing their service turn. This is possible if you wish to MARVE to send an SMS message just before his queue number is due.
  • MARVE SMS and E-mail Notification Systems give you facility to automatically notif your customers when their service run approaches. Receiving this alert on their mobile phones via SMS or E-mail, customers can immediately return to your premises, waiting to be called.
  • SMS or email can be sent automatically to manager when the number of waiting customers cross the limit.
  • Last but not the least, in case appointment booking system is integrated with MARVE SMS/ E-mail Notification System gives you double benefits of both customers and staff convenience.

Report Delivery Scheduler

  • Your managers may want to have specific reports conveniently delivered to their emails daily or weekly.
  • MARVE Report Delivery Scheduler offers managers maximum convenience to analyze reports on a periodic basis, without any need to manually generate reports from the system. They simply need to provide their e-mail addresses and setup the reports they need to be delivered. Subsequently, the corresponding reports will be sent to their e-mails regularly.

Services on Mobile Devices (Optional)

  • Services can be accessible from wireless tablet devices which can complement or substitute a ticketing kiosk service. Staff can move around the premises to serve customers and maintain the positive customer experience.
  • Using Mobile Solutions, staff can approach customers to understand the reasons for their visit. Your staff will be able to identify customers who make a visit for quick services and those who need to be attended by service staff. This helps you ensure that your customers are not waiting for the wrong queue and are always served by the right staff.
  • Service Staff can help customers avoid unexpected transfers or re-queuing due to wrong service selection by assigning the customer to the appropriate service queue. The queuing system can also provide service with frequently updated information on the total queue, average waiting time and estimated waiting time.

Dynamic Branch Status Recommendation

  • Customers of Multi-branch business can login to website or a mobile application to choose the service that would get a dynamic real-time status of the nearest branches and can be given an automated recommendation as to which brand they can proceed to. They will be provided a QR code to scan at the branch kiosk without needing time to select the service and point the ticket.

Appointment Booking System

  • When customers need to be served at a specific date and time the service can be booked.
  • MARVE Appointment Booking System allows you to do just that. With capability to facilitate booking of appointment or serving session, the appointment booking system allows customers to choose and reserve the date, service, or staff and time slot they wished to be served at or by.
  • Capable of integration with any core business applications such as customer database or queue management system, MARVE Appointment Booking System does not only facilitate direct booking online or on the ticketing kiosk but booking via contact center or through a service staff. Using similar module, staff can also book appointment on customer’s behalf.

Service Evaluation Unit

  • In competitive markets like nowadays, customers tend to go elsewhere if they are not satisfied with your level of service. Do not wait till your customers decide to go somewhere else. It is too late then.
  • Show that you care about your customers by incorporating their feedback into your business improvements.
  • Marve Evaluation Solution is accessible on stationery devices, wireless devices such as Android Tablets, IPads or even self-service touch screen kiosks.
  • Increase business profitability through customer insight. MARVE does not only enable business leaders to gain an insight into customer behavior and market demand. This allows business leaders to make strategic decisions to improve customer experience that can in turn boost corporate revenue.


Banking Services Support

  • Banks can be said to have some of the highest level of customer volumes in the retail industry. The number of customers visiting banks is significantly increasing over the time. Consequently, the queue is also getting longer. MARVE can assist a bank increase customer satisfaction and make the customer flow management process more efficient.
  • MARVE helps banks streamline customers flow, starting from the point of entry to the point of leaving. It enables your staff not only to call next customer but also put customers on hold, recall customers, transfer customers to another service or counter within the premises.
  • MARVE also keeps your staff updated with the number of customers queuing per service, along with the average and longest waiting and serving time. Also supported with dash board monitoring and reporting. The quality of customer flow management can be monitored by the back office staff and relevant management.
  • Integrated with multimedia display, MARVE enables you to not only streamline customer flow, but also to approach and communicate messages to specific customers differently. You can use various formats of multimedia including still image, flash file, video or TV streaming into the playlist. Whether you want to provide the entertainment, introduce your bank to new customers or promote your newly launched products and services, the MARVE multimedia display can be used.
  • The Multimedia Display can be set to display different images, presentation file or video of particular products or services when specific customer’s queue numbers are on the waiting list. The use of the MARVE Multimedia Display can increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign while simultaneously keeping customers occupied in a streamlined customer flow.


Hospital Services Support

  • Not only does patient flow with MARVE Mobile Service System eliminates the physical queue in front of the ticketing kiosk, but it also helps hospitals, clinics, medical centers and pathology services establish a more personalized and convenient exchange with patients. When this objective is achieved, it will be easier for you to understand what your patients require.
  • During the waiting time, your patients will be kept entertained and updated with the queue information and marketing messages / announcements displayed on the multimedia display.
  • This can make the service experience more convenient and comfortable for your patients and allow your staff to focus on providing the best service tour patients.
  • With the MARVE Virtual Caller, staff is not only able to call patients, but they can also perform functions such as put them on hold, recall and transfer to another doctor or room. When it is required your staff can also directly serve particular patients without having to ask the patients to take queue tickets.
  • While your counter staff is kept informed and updated with the number of patients waiting, along with the average and the longest waiting time per service, management can monitor their performance through the dashboard monitoring system. As the system automatically alerts both your staff and you every time the waiting and serving time exceeds the service level agreement you can always take control of the situation by, for example, assigning more staff to the serve the patients.
  • The MARVE Mobile Service system is suitable to accommodate the needs of all patients, including those with physical barriers or those which are dealing with serious health conditions. When this system is implemented, the starting point of patient flow management moves from the ticketing kiosk to a mobile device such as an android tablet or IPad at the point of entry of your premises.
  • This means instead of standing in the queue line in front of the ticketing kiosk, your patients will be approached by your service staff. All patient questions will be answered by the concierge staff.


Corporate and Government Service Center Support

  • MARVE is applicable to facilitate the most simple to the most complex client flow in a particular government service center.
  • MARVE is user friendly. Corporate and Government Service Centers benefit from the feature rich Marve queue system to serve all current and future needs. It’s flexible and user friendly characteristics has made Marve the first choice solution for client flow management in corporate and government service centers and associated departments.
  • Even if Marve is not readily featured to meet business expected needs, we can still twist to understand your customers and business needs.


Student Service Center Support with Marve

  • Serving large number of students with unpredictable types of services is quite a challenge. However since majority of activities require students to complete transactions in student services centers, an assurance that all students are served accurately and timely is a must.
  • MARVE is a cost-effective solution for student service centers. It saves your operational budget by minimizing the work on your staff’s side while improving the quality of services provided to students.


Outdoor Services Support

  • Customers such as logistics companies car dealers, repair garages, factories loading and unloading yards, water tanks distributors, need outdoor queue system to facilitate the influx of cars to their outdoor facilities.
  • MARVE has developed and installed outdoor system with high brightness displays up to 7500 nits in mono or full colour versions. Workflow of such systems can be customized according to customer’s needs.


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