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Easy to use Aflak Point of Sale Machines are designed to deliver increased efficiency with ease of use. They offer advanced inventory and employee management capabilities also ensuring better customer services. They offer Faster service with detailed receipts further streamlining the accounts process. Not only these but a lot more, to get to know of our Point of Sale Products and Advantages, click on the below links:

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  • Small Footprint Point of Sale Terminal
  • Compact Touch screen Monitor
  • Industrial-grade LED LCD panel
  • Durable and Space Friendly


The POSMO II is a compact touch screen monitor with a small footprint. It saves valuable space on the counter. Built with an industrial-grade LED LCD panel, the POSMO II ensures exceptional durability. Its stable base stand, adjustable viewing angle and integrated MSR/IC reader make it versatile solution for Point-of-Sale or Point-of-Information environments. It can be placed above or on a counter and on a wall.

  1. 15” or 17” TFT LCD Display
  2. PCAP Touch or Optional Resistive Touch
  3. 15” with Bezel and Bezel-Free 17” Display
  4. Resolution up to 1280 x 1024, Brightness 300cd/m2
  5. Countertop or Wall Mountable
  6. Interactive Digital Signage, Kiosk Solution, POS Solution


  1. Superior Touch Display

With TFT LCD display and upto 1280 x1024 resolution, the POSMO II delivers more vivid and clear image. Its PCAP touch provides fast and accurate touch reponse. LED backlighting of the POSMO II enables lower power consumption. With a choice of 15" or17" monitor, the POSMO II can meet individual business needs

  1. Versatile Solution

Removable base stand and mounting options supported by VESA standard make installation more flexible. On a wall or a counter or on a shelf or a pod, the POSMO II is best suited to meet a variety of POS and interactive solutions. (Point of Sale, Kiosk for Point of Information, and digital signage display


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