Electronic Shelf Labels
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Electronic Shelf Labels

  • Saves Time: Helps you to save time with automatic price updates.
  • Saves Money: More cost-efficient than paper
  • Green Solution: With no need for printing, your paper, ink and hardware costs are removed.


E-Labels (Electronic Shelf Labels) are a high-tech alternative to the adhesive paper labels used by supermarkets and other mass retail stores, where they display pricing and certain other information on LCD modules.

E-label integrates as a part of your inventory management system. This cost-efficient, user-friendly addition to your store saves labor costs, improves the customer experience is easy to install and has a lot more features associated with it.


Improved Customer Satisfaction

With Electronic Shelf Labels, you’ll never have to worry about confused customers or costly price updates again. ESLs preserve your price integrity by quickly pulling down updated prices from your back-office database. Customers can also get answers to their questions without needing to track down an employee. elabels can be programmed to display out of stock notifications, stock levels, expected dates, and more.

Quick Return on Investment

elabel will save you money not only by eliminating the need to correct prices, but by reducing labor costs. Gone are the days of spending hours tagging products with inaccurate and cluttered shelf tags. Your ROI can be captured in a relatively short period of time.

Dynamic Pricing

Changing prices used to be time-consuming and cumbersome — but now, all the work can be done with just a few clicks. Wireless communication between the back office and elabels is fast and accurate. Prices can be changed on short notice with minimal effort, making running promotions an easy task.

Easy Installation

No wiring or power track is needed to install elabels. With a long-lasting battery pack already installed, elabels are ready to go as soon as they’re clipped into the shelf edges.

Solution Independent

Though ESLs can be seamlessly integrated with elabels, they also give you the freedom to work with the back-office solution of your choice.

Customized Displays

Worried about leaving some information behind, elabel software creates custom templates for you to choose from and to design more where required.


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