Digital Signage
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Digital Signage Solutions

Be it Point of Sale Digital Displays to Spectacular Advertisement.

Way Finding Directional Signage to In house Announcements the usage possibilities are endless.

pdf button Aflak offers exclusive & reliable digital signage solutions through which one can display dynamic videos, images, text and more direct to display screens anywhere, anytime!

This further helps to capture your audience's attention, build brands, improve customer experience and drive sales.

Digital Signage’s in Supermarkets

It can be used for communicating immediate merchandising & product information directly to the consumer while enhancing the shopping experience. The digital content can be a combination of digital video & still image graphics, providing a powerful Point-of-Purchase merchandising tool.


Digital Signage’s in Banks

Simultaneously they can even be used in the financial industry to develop in-branch electronic merchandising programs, informing customers on products & services. This cuts costs associated with producing & delivering conventional printed posters.

Digital Signage’s for Corporate Dealership News

Communicate effectively to your customers, employees and other target Audiences about up to date Deals of your Business.

Convenience Stores

The retail revolution combined with the rapid surge in consumerism presents exciting possibilities for both communication and revenue generation. These Digital Signage networks offer tremendous potential for "blended" applications at high traffic venues like convenience stores or gas stations.

Digital Signage’s for Hospitality

Digital Signage’s for hotel lobbies and conference rooms with LCD Displays provide centralized control. The same screen Terminal can also be used to cross-sell properties, advertise specials and promote in-house restaurants.

Digital Signage’s for Corporate Communications

One can Create a customized media network, to provide novel, timely and powerful communications. A combination of flat panel displays can present dynamic multimedia programming, combining company corporate communications with local and national news feeds.

Digital Signage’s for Restaurant Menus

Dynamic Menu Boards can be used effectively in restaurants to change menu selection and pricing information, promote featured items, reduce perceived waiting time and enhance the dining experience.

Digital Signage’s for Interactive Touch Screen Solutions

From providing information updates at an air terminal to beaming specific content to target audiences, and from ensuring customer delight at an entertainment complex to influencing purchase decisions at a supermarket – a well designed with potential customers passing by a kiosk.