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Lasercode Barcode Scanner

  • 1D Laser Wired Barcode Scanner with Stand
  • High Performance Scanners
  • Low Price Scanners
  • Ideal for Supermarket, Retail, Warehouse, Library, Logistics, Medical, etc


LC11001DS Lasercode 1D Laser Wired Barcode Scanner with Stand

High in Performance, LC11001DS Low Price Fast Speed Scanners are ideal for Supermarkets, Warehouses, Logistics Companies and Book Stores.


  • High Performance, Low price Scanners.
  • No driver needed, plug and play.
  • Multinational language keyboard supported.
  • Service life of button reaches up to 5 million times.
  • 32-Bit RAM processor and scan speed 300 scans/sec.
  • Manual trigger/continuous scan (options available) makes it very comfortable to Operate.
  • Highly integrated design, high quality shell, has IP45 protection grade.
  • Support connection with computer, laptop. Compatible Operating System for Linux,
  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10.
  • Applications: Supermarket, Retail, Warehouse, Library, Logistics, Medical, etc


Product Specification: LC11001DS 1D Wired Laser Barcode Scanner with Stand
Electrical Parameter 5/3.3 V ± 10%x100mA (idle:10mA)
Scanning type Bi-Directional
CPU ARM 32-bit Cortex
Light source 650 nm visual laser diode
Trigger Mode Handheld, Continuous
Indication Buzzer & LED
Printing Contract >25%
Resolution 4mil
Decoding speed 300 scans/sec
Bit error rate 1/5millon, 1/20million
Scanning width 5-30cm
Depth of Field 4 mil 2mm-85mm
  10 mil 2mm-320mm
  15.6 mil 5mm-580mm
  35 mil 10mm-900mm
Scanning angle rotor angel±30°, inclination± 55°, declination ± 60°
Anti inference Industrial Lighting or Sun will not make any Difference
Decoding Capability UPC/EAN with complementary UPC/EAN Code128, Code39,Code 39Full ASCII, Coda bar, Industrial/Interleaved 2 of 5, Code93, MSI, Code11, ISBN, ISSN, China post, etc
Button life 50,00,000 times ; laser life:12,000 hours  
Drop test 1.8m fall to concrete
Interface USB
Certificate CE, FCC, RoHS, IP54


LC11001DS Product Brochure


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