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  • Put effective control over your staff attendance.
  • Discovers sincere and careless staff too.
  • Detailed report on delays, overtime, coming too early and coming too late.
  • Includes powerful report writer.
  • Fully bilingual on Windows environment.
  • Integrates with payroll system.


IDPOINT -time software is a comprehensive time management solution with access control feature designed to automate employee time and attendance tracking for medium to Large Businesses. It reduces the number of hours it takes to process employee time records and is ideal for a wide range of industries, including trading, manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, retail, medical, government, education… etc. Depending on the business size and customer requirement the software is available in Standard Light Version or Professional version.

IDPOINT -Time Light

Version uses Microsoft Access database and is designed for small offices looking for simple and easy to use software. It store employee’s attendance data and supports with a lot of basic functionalities. Reports are generated using GUI screen and can be filtered by employee code, date and shift. Reports can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for manual editing, saved as PDF format that can be emailed if required or printed directly to the default or network printers.


Idpoint-time & Attendance Professional solution uses a powerful Microsoft SQL Server database that can be installed as a single user or in network environment. Single user version installs database and software on the same system, whereas the network user option can install the database on a dedicated server, and client software on any number of client machines as provided with the license key. For multi sites connectivity and live on line monitoring of employees attendance, this would be your right choice.


With the increasing dependency on the web, we have introduced this version with the same feature of our Idpoint-time Pro and more to meet the demand for a robust system that can handle huge attendance data and provide sophisticated employee time management tools.


  • Timely and accurate attendance management
  • Overtime calculation based on salary value and company policy
  • User-defined business policies at company and employee levels
  • Download/Upload enroll data to other attendance devices
  • Auto process or manual data process of the attendance data
  • Multi-department, multi-branches and multi-projects setup option
  • Manual attendance adjustment
  • Apply various filters to narrow down report to single station, single department, employee… etc
  • Employees transfers within departments and branches
  • Multiple and flexible shift schedules
  • Employee screen for attendance adjustment request
  • Create and customize employee data lists
  • Restrict supervisor access by department, location, or employee
  • Restrict attendance adjustment to authorized staff only
  • Defining door access devices versus time attendance devices and creating reports accordingly
  • Holiday announcements over email according to a preset company policy option
  • Automatic SMS podcast for holidays start and end
  • Decreased Burden on HR
  • Prevents Fraudulent Time Keeping Records
  • Significantly Increase Employee and Manager Satisfaction
  • Cut Down on Administrative Time and Cost
  • Graphical Representation of Attendance for Easy and Fast Interpretation
  • Significantly Cuts Down on Payroll Processing Time
  • Adapts to Existing HR Policies
  • Allows HR staff to easily review in/out punches for confirmation


Why Automate Attendance Management?

  • To minimize costs associated with payroll preparation.
  • To improve performance and productivity.
  • To reduce unauthorized overtime, unearned benefit time, etc...
  • To increase accuracy and efficiency in computing payroll.
  • To process comprehensive data on work distribution.
  • To gain timely information to make the right decision in the right time.
  • To keep time attendance data records for each employee for long periods.
  • To create a dynamic and rewarding work environment.
  • To collect, calculates edits and reports employee hours.
  • To apply company WORK RULES and POLICIES.
  • To generate REAL-TIME REPORTS for management decision making.


Connects the Data Collection Device to a PC up to 20 meters away via RS-232 cable or implement a networked installation with multiple units connected via RS-485 wiring up to 2 Km.

Optional Ethernet modules and dial-up modems are available. Other communication options such as connection over modem, local or wide area network and internet/intranet connection are also available options.

Model No


ARQAM Time & Attendance & Access Control Software
(Up-to 50 Employees)


ARQAM Time & Attendance & Access Control Software
(51 to 200 Employees)


ARQAM Time & Attendance & Access Control Software
(201 to 500 Employees)


ARQAM Time & Attendance & Access Control Software
(above 500 Employees)


Additional Client (client software on separate PC)


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