Security Boom Bar Gates
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boom bar gate

  • Maximum Anti-crushing safety.
  • Motor with integrated encoder.
  • Speed adjustment and smooth operation.
  • Easy maintenace and intuitive programming.


B614 is a newly designed vehicle barrier, which aims to provide multi-purpose use ranging from residential to commercial use. It is manufactured with high quality components making it reliable for longer use.There are reflective stickers and LED lighting along entire length to make it visible at low light conditions. There are accessories offered with this model for personalising the product such as beam lights and traffic light kit, hedge kit, joint kit, end foot and beam support fork.


  1. Maximum beam length 5m
  2. Use frequency-Continuous use
  3. Built in E614 Control unit
  4. Comes with personalising accessories : Skirt kit, support plate for fork, adjustable fork fro beam support, integrated flashing traffic light, foundation plate, emergency battery kit.
  5. Self-supporting polyester powder coated steel casing with a distinctive V shape to give it a modern look.
  6. Smoother beam movement where quadrilateral lever system is used.
  7. Easy to install
  8. High-visibility integrated flashing traffic light.
  9. Can be used in residential and for commercial uses.


Power supply 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz
Electric motor 24V brushed
Max. power 165 W Max. torque 300 Nm
Back-up batteries Yes (optional)
Material Steel
Surface treatment Pre-hot dip galvanized, 20μm thick + polyester powder coated
Encoder Incremental, integrated in the motor
Deceleration type Electronic + mechanical
Beam type Rectangular and rounded Ambient operating
temperature -20°C to +55°C
Protection class IP55 (Electronic control unit) - IP44
Weight 40 Kg
Use frequency Continuous use
Electronic equipment E614


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