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RFID Device

  • Standalone access controller
  • IDP S602EM patent product, CE & RoHS approved
  • Blue backlight keypad (not around the keys but from behind the key trough the digits)
  • Waterproof Rating IP68


Waterproof Metal Access Control IDP S1602EM

IDP S1602EM is single door multifunction standalone access controller or a Wiegand output keypad or card reader.

It is suitable for mounting either indoor or outdoor in harsh environments. It is housed in a strong, sturdy and vandal proof Zinc Alloy electroplated case which is available in either a bright silver or matt silver finish.

The electronics are fully potted so the unit is waterproof and conforms to IP68. This unit supports up to 2,000 users in either a Card, 4 digit PIN, or a Card + PIN option. The inbuilt card reader supports 125KHZ EM cards, 13.56MHz Mifare cards. The unit has many extra features including lock output current short circuit protection, Wiegand output, and a backlist keypad.

These features make the unit an ideal choice for door access not only for small shops and domestic households but also for commercial and industrial applications such as factories, warehouses, laboratories, banks and prisons.

Keypad Access Controller (IDP S1602EM)

  • Standalone access controller
  • Blue backlight keypad (not around the keys but from behind the key trough the digits)
  • Waterproof Rating IP68
  • WG26 output, can be operated as a reader
  • Support only using unique password to open the door
  • Can be Connected with Door-open Button and Doorbell
  • Can be Connected to Security Alarm System

Technical Parameters:

  • Perfect design, Metal Case with Luminous keypad, anti-vandal
  • Waterproof Rating IP68
  • WG26 output can be used as an Access reader
  • Work Voltage: DC12-24V
  • Static Current: <30mA
  • Card Type: EM/ID
  • Reading Range: 5-15cm
  • Ambient Temperature: -45degree~60degree
  • Ambient Humidity: 10%~90%
  • Size: 120 *80*25mm


  • Waterproof Degree: IP68
  • Metal structure design, anti-vandal
  • Standalone access control with WG26 card reader function
  • Digital backlit keyboard
  • All-in-one, WG26 output/input
  • User capacity: 2000 card user card, 2000 user password
  • Three way to open the door, card, password, card + password
  • The doorbell button and interface: buttons and isolation circuit, connect to any external bell


Operating Voltage

DC 12V +- 10%

User Capacity


Card Reading Distance

3-6 cm

Active Current

< 60mA

Idle Current

25 +- 5 mA

Lock Output Load

Max 3A

Alarm Output Load

Max 20A

Operating Temperature

-45~60 degree

Operating Humidity

10%- 90% RH


Conforms to IP68

Adjustable Door Relay time

0 - 99 seconds

Adjustable Alarm Time

0 - 3 minutes

Wiegand Interface

Wiegand 26 bit

Wiring Connections

Electric Lock, Exit Button, External Alarm, External Reader


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