Biometric Devices
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  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Dustproof / Waterproof
  • 1.77 inch Color Screen
  • Digital Camera
  • Smartphone Application (UNIS-B plus, imkey)


The AC 2200 is an mid-range Biometric Terminal complete with either an 125KHz or 13.56MHz card reader and is Mobile Card capable. The terminal is utilized in exterior or harsh environments.

The AC2200 series is a slimline IP65 rated unit with a 640 x 480-pixel embedded camera, Bluetooth and ViRDI’s patented fingerprint scanner with Live & Fake fingerprint detection. Communication protocols are TCP/IP, Wiegand In and Out (bit rate configurable), RS-232 and RS-485 based on the OSDP standard. Apart from using the Bluetooth for Mobile Key the unit can also be managed as a standalone unit via the UNIS-B Plus app available from iTunes and Google Play Store. An ARM9 400 MHz processor with 64 MB DDR RAM Memory assures fast authentication and identification as well as a 100 000 log capacity.


  • Security, Speed, Scalability
    The AC-2200 is an high-end fingerprint biometric authentication and verification system.
  • LCD Screen Display
    The AC-2200 is fitted with a 1.77" Color LCD screen. The brilliant display allows device administrators view the system settings.
  • RF Smart Card
    RF/smart card module is attached onto AC-2200 for added security.
  • Bluetooth Mobile Key Solution
    With built-in bluetooth capabilities, the AC-2200 allows smart phone devices to be used as access keys with through the use of the Mobile Key App, "imkey."
  • Mobile App (imkey)
    Live Finger Detection: New patented sensor detects fake fingerprints made of paper, film, silicone and rubber
  • IP 65
    The IP 65 rating indicates no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact (dust tight). Also indicated protection by water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.


Item AC-2200
LCD 1.77" TFT Color Touch LCD"
Camera Built in Digital Camera
User Capacity 1:N 2,000 
1:1 up to 10,000
Log Capacity 100,000
Ingress Protection IP 65
Card Reader 125 KHz Prox or 13.56 MHz Mifare
HID 125 KHz Prox (Optional) 
HID iClass (Optional) 
Felica (Optional)
Communication Port TCP/IP (10/100M
RS-485, RS-232, Wiegand in/out 
Server UNIS Compatible
Lock Control EM, Strike, Motor Lock, Auto Door


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