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Biometric Devices

  • Reliable Stability
  • Can be utilized for various applications
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RF245, a 2.45GHz Long Range reader is uniquely designed for installations incorporating parking systems, with enhanced security encryption and mutual identification. One can choose 90°one directional antenna or Omni directional antenna depending on your preference. Also Users can choose 3, 5 or 10m read range for the condition of installation sites. Multiple tags can be read with the blink of an eye. With IDTECK patented card algorithm, it provides high security to your long-range solution with an affordable price. Also you may use RF245 for personnel tracking and logistics as well.


  • Stable Reading Range of NEO RF24: If used with IDA245 (N)/IDA245 (N) H2 Active Tag, reading range can be adjusted up to 15 M depending on the installation environment. NEO RF245: Up to 15m (49.2ft)
  • Prevents Overlapping Identification Error: The tag of the registered vehicle is stored in the memory to prevent overlapping identification of tags.
  • Prevention of Multiple Reading in case of Two Vehicles Approaching the Gate at the Same Time: Eliminates multiple readings as it only reads the vehicle’s tag that approaching the sensor (loop coil).
  • Multiple Card/Tag Identification: Identifies 30 cards per second, which is suitable for logistic tracking when RF tags are attached to the logistics.
  • 90° One-directional Antenna for Long Range Identification (360° Omni-directional Antenna Selectable): Includes 90° one-directional antenna for stable long range identification. 360° Omni-directional antenna is also available for asset tracking and personal tracking.
  • Reading Angle Adjustable: If the reader hood is attached to the mounting bracket, it adjusts the reading angle to prevent unnecessary readings from the sides.

High Security Level

  • Encrypted Tag ID Communication: By using the secured algorithms between the reader and the tag, it offers encrypted tag ID communication
  • Site Code Configuration: Each tag is internally programmed with site code, which makes the readers to read the tags with configured site code. Different areas could be configured with different site codes to strengthen the security level by not allowing the readers to read unregistered tags.

Utilized Various Applications

  • Long Range Access Control (Hands Free Identification)
  • Parking Control (Vehicle Access Control)
  • Logistics Tracking / Fleet Management (Weighing Solution)
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Time Attendance on Construction Site
  • Asset Tracking

Various Integration

  • Supports Output for Bar-Gate Control: Offers separate output for bar-gate control to operate the bar-gate control relay. Transistor Output supports up to 100mA of electric current and sends signals for one second.
  • Both 26 Bit Wiegand Output and RS232 Serial Output Supported: Guarantees stable communication with all devices that supports 26 bit wiegand and RS232 communication.

Easy To Use

  • Outdoor Capacity (Weather-Proofed, IP66): NEO RF245 can be installed outdoors due to its 100% weather-proof epoxy molding.
  • Automatic Card Configuration of 125 Channels: The reader automatically configures default channel settings and site code when power is applied.



Neo RF245 / Long Range Reader


32bit Microprocessor and ISM Band Receiver

Read Range

Up to 15m, 49.2feet, Reading range control using IDA245(N)
※ Reading range varies depending on the installation environment

Multiple Reading

Up to 30 Tags / second
※ Number of card reading varies depending on the installaion environment


2.45GHz, ISM Band

Receiving Site Code

256 Site Code


Encrypted GFSK


90° One-directional Antenna,
360° Omni-directional Antenna (optonal / Suitable for access control and personnel tracking)

Receiver Gain

Better than -80dBm

Power / Current

DC12V / Max.50mA

Output Format

26bit Wiegand and RS232, Bargate Output

RS232 Format

9600bps, parity none, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit

Bargate Output

1A (Power Transistor : 1s)

OTR (One Time Reading)
Control Input

Low Active Input, DC12V, Max,
50mA Current Drain

HOLD Control Input

Low Active Input, DC12V, Max.
50mA Current Drain, Vehicle Detector Input

LED Indicator

Built-in Red, Green Color LED


Built-in Piezo Buzzer


-35°C to +65°C (-31°F to +149°F)

Operating Humidity

10% to 90% relative humidity non-condensing

Color / Material

Ivory / Polycarbonate / Anodized Aluminum

(W x H x T)

7.0” x 7.0” x 1.6” (180mm x 180mm x 40mm)


1.15Kg(2.5lbs) excluding Mounting Bracket




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