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Self Service Kiosks have increasingly become phenomenal today, they are a part of our daily lives, be it at the self-checkout lines at the grocery store to ATMs or self-ticketing machines in cinemas and airports,  they can be seen now at almost all places around us.

Many Industries today including Fast Food Restaurants, Retail, Hospitality, Banking and more are going the digital way and enhancing their customer experiences with interactive self-service kiosks in increasing numbers. At one time, ATMs were the only kind of Kiosk around. Now, Kiosks are used in Grocery Stores, Airports and Hotels.

Be it a Food Service Kiosk at a quick service restaurant, a healthcare hospital or a big retail store, a self service kiosk is a part of most of these industry players today.

Reasons to use a Self Service Kiosk

  • Self Service Kiosks help control costs by reducing the Labor Costs with increased service efficiency
  • Kiosks can improve customer service by speeding up the ordering and checkout process
  • They reduce the amount of time your customers have to wait in queue


Gitex stands for Gulf Information Technology Exhibition. It is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show, exhibition, and conference that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

For the 2018 edition, GITEX would be throwing spotlight on four major technological sectors – Smart Cities, AR and VR, Internet of Things, and Smart Manufacturing. 

Technology and Innovation being our core, Aflak repeatedly decided to participate in the 38th GITEX Technology Week in Dubai UAE, held from 14th – 18th October, 2018.