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Access control is a means to authorize, restrict or deny entrance or exit of people and/or vehicles into a specific area. It is a more effective, high-tech means to protect your Organization, People and Assets. Access Control in any Commercial or any public sector organization must never be ignored.

Why Access Control?

Protects Staff

The people who do not have an authorized security token is not granted access to the premises.

Stop Intruders & Theft

  • Help Deter Criminals
  • Keeps Premises Secure
  • Allows the Manager to have control to who has access to what and when


Only those with relevant ID cards / access rights are given access to the premises Cards can be programmed to restrict certain users/areas at certain times of the day.


Detailed Records of who entered the premises, where they went and the records of doors they used.

Reporting Functions can also be used as a part of administration tasks to streamline work processes.


Can be easily integrated with your existing in-house systems like mentioned – the possibilities being endless.

Increased Security for Sensitive Zones

Two Factor Authentication can be used in many cases, The key holder can be required to use their card, plus something they know, such as a pin code. It can also be a keycard, plus something just they have access to, such as a fingerprint. 

Consolidate Security across multiple Locations

For Businesses that have multiple Locations and employees that travel to and fro from these location can be given one login.

Manage a Single for Multiple Locations from a Single Dashboard, further consolidating and streamlining security of your organization across multiple locations.

Peace of Mind

It does not matter, if you are the Owner, Manager or CEO of the organization, knowing that the people and assets you are responsible for are safe and secure keeps you too in peace.

All About Aflak Access Control –

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Who needs Access Control?


Protecting your students and staff has never been more important.

Finance & Corporate

Protect financial and protective information to ensure your organization is never compromised

Warehouse & Distribution

Restrict entry to unauthorized personnel ensuring stock is always protected.

Public Sector

Restrict access to medical rooms, drugs cabinet and protect sensitive customer and patient information.