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Self Service Kiosks have increasingly become phenomenal today, they are a part of our daily lives, be it at the self-checkout lines at the grocery store to ATMs or self-ticketing machines in cinemas and airports,  they can be seen now at almost all places around us.

Patient registration in hospitals, movie ticket booking, ordering through fast food chains, flight reservations, bill payment, and checking in or out of hotels are common applications where self-service kiosks have seen greater customer acceptance. Aflak Self-service kiosks offer benefits to both customers and service providers like reduced labor costs, reduced operational costs, and improved and personalized services with reducing or eliminating the need for paper, leaving less scope for errors, and ensuring faster payments at counters and round-the-clock availability of services

Healthcare Industry

Patient Check In for Appointments and Check Out, Registration, Pay for Prescriptions, way finding, hospital directory, and so on

Education Industry

Used for Event Promotion, Campus Way finding and Mapping for Students and Faculties to assist them with where they are, surrounding buildings/accommodation and which buildings they can go to.

Inside the campus, they assist the students with lecturers directory with their details and locations, room numbers, labs

Retail and Service Industry

Used for retail vending, gift registry, loyalty, bill payments, and so on

Banking Industry

Making Deposits and withdrawals through ATM machines


Taking orders during rush hours, great for fast food ordering and dining halls, Self Service in Cafetaria’s , For Table Reservations & Queuing.