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Many Industries today including Fast Food Restaurants, Retail, Hospitality, Banking and more are going the digital way and enhancing their customer experiences with interactive self-service kiosks in increasing numbers. At one time, ATMs were the only kind of Kiosk around. Now, Kiosks are used in Grocery Stores, Airports and Hotels.

Be it a Food Service Kiosk at a quick service restaurant, a healthcare hospital or a big retail store, a self service kiosk is a part of most of these industry players today.

Reasons to use a Self Service Kiosk

  • Self Service Kiosks help control costs by reducing the Labor Costs with increased service efficiency
  • Kiosks can improve customer service by speeding up the ordering and checkout process
  • They reduce the amount of time your customers have to wait in queue

Below highlighted are three of the industries with increasing kiosk use

Food Service Kiosks

Many Restaurant chains in Europe, Middle East and Asia are using kiosks for the process of self ordering, for which this area is still emerging.  Brands like McDonald’s, which used to earlier rely on their service staff, are increasingly turning to kiosks today.

In this way, the introduction of kiosks into the fast food industry has helped in improving customer wait times and order accuracy. Other Restaurant Brands too have started using kiosks for their ordering and checkout processes.

Retail Kiosks

It’s not just the food service industry, Self Service Kiosks are gaining increased popularity amongst the retailers. Be it the small retail chains or the big retail stores many of the Saudi Arabia retail brands are investing heavily in kiosks.

Kiosks for Healthcare, Hospitality, Travel and Telecom

Since the past few years, self service kiosks have increasingly become common amongst healthcare, hospitality and tourism industry. Checking in for a flight, doctors appointment or even in a hotel room as become convenient at the tip of a finger with the help of automated self service kiosks. Ticketing Kiosks are also very helpful these days, where a customer can print his or her ticket without the need for staff assistance, saving a the hassle of time and money.

Interactive way finding Customized Kiosk Solutions are also provided by Aflak. Visiting an unfamiliar destination especially in large public buildings such as shopping malls in Saudi Arabia, College Universities, Hospitals, Hotels  etc. can be stressful and getting lost at some point or the other is also increasingly common these days. Through Way Finding Kiosks one can navigate through the maps and directories and also find their way to the desired location.

Vending Kiosks:

Financial Industry is still the most popular amongst these types of Kiosks, the global ATM market has continued to expand rapidly. Earlier it was just the ATM’s but now the vending machines have increased their reach to Retail, Ticketing and many such other purposes.

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