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Improve Customer Service, Reduce Waiting Times and Manage with Queue Management Systems by Aflak serving Hospitals, Banks, Restaurants, Education and many such Industries in Saudi Arabia.

Aflak’s queue management systems help in increasing service efficiency, decreasing average wait times and adding advertising and promotional opportunities right into the queue.

Our state of art queue management systems are easy to install, simple to operate, that enhance the customer experience at key touch points. Customers hate to queue. Excessive waiting lines is a major cause of dissatisfaction across major sectors including Grocery stores and supermarkets, High street retailers, Banks, Theme parks.

Aflak provides standard as well as customized queuing solutions to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by different organizations.

Benefits of Queue Management System:

  • Organizing is better thus reducing the complaint of waiting times
  • It gives the customer the autonomy to use the free time as per their will
  • Better productivity – employees can be engaged instead with other tasks, also with queue management systems less number of employees would be required on the shop floor.
  • Queue management system can be used to advertise your products and offerings
  • It cuts down customer switching and contributes to custom loyalty
  • Contributes to increased revenues and cost effectiveness
  • Improves customer satisfaction and sales numbers

aflak queue management systems

Applications – Usage Areas of Queue Management System


Travel Agencies

Insurance Organizations


Mobile Stores

Tourist Information Places



Apparel Stores

Police Stations

Electronic & Mobile Stores

Stores Chains

Government Organization

Call Centre Support

Schools & Colleges

Telecom Providers

Super Markets


Hospitals & Clinics


Ministry Departments


Managing the Business Queues in the right Manner


In today’s time of increasing competition in the retail industry it is all about giving the best customer experience and shining in this industry.  Queue Management Systems allows a retail business to turn its wait times into a good customer experience and visitors to loyal customers.


The traffic in telecom is not that big in comparison to retail, but in this case the service time is more. Customers visiting the Telecom Service Centers can use queue management system at their service locations for prioritizing different customer segments and managing the customer flow.


Managing Patient flow is majorly a big task in Hospitals these days. Many a times patients are either late or do not turn up for the appointments, there are emergency cases but appointments are not available so instead of Appointments why not implement queue management systems in the Hospitals. All one needs to do is simply pull a ticket by a manual ticket dispenser or by pressing a button on the kiosk of a computerized system. The computerized system has a screen to display various types of services to select from. Tickets are issued serially with a remark of time/service at which/for it was issued along with the estimated waiting time. This manages patient flow, reduces wait times, gives a Satisfied Customer Experience and improves the walk in experience.


Educational Institutions too have to deal a lot during peak times (enrollment, semesters) and peak hours (breaks, end of classes). A queue management system prevents students from crowding up and makes registrations faster.  A cost-effective solution for student service centers, It saves your operational budget by minimizing the work on your staff’s side while improving the quality of services provided to students.


The Queue Management Systems helps banks streamline customers flow, starting from the point of entry to the point of leaving. It enables your staff not only to call next customer but also put customers on hold, recall customers, transfer customers to another service or counter within the premises. It also keeps the staff updated with the number of customers queuing per service, along with the average and longest waiting and serving time.