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labour law

For any Business operating In or seeking to enter it is very important for them to have a proper Knowledge of the Employment Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The legal authority governing employment in the Kingdom may be seen as relatively employee-friendly whereas, in some major aspects, such as termination of employment, regulation of working hours and employment of women, tends to be very different from the one that is considered to be normal practice from other jurisdictions.

Human Resource Policies in the organizations should be formed and executed in such a way that they adhere to the Law of the Kingdom thus ensuring minimum risks associated with it, the details of the employment legislation in the Kingdom also further assist any prospective business when employing staff in the Kingdom.

In terms of Managing the work hours, Meal and Rest Breaks calculations of overtime as per the Law, Aflak Time Attendance Devices can play a very major important role.

The maximum working hours (except for senior employees and managers, who are exempt from relevant provisions) are eight hours a day and 48 hours in a six-day week. An employee's total working hours, including overtime, should not exceed 10 hours a day or 60 hours in a six-day week. Friday is the weekly rest day for all workers. There is also an annual overtime cap of 481 hours.

Certain sectors can operate a nine-hour day, while some are required to operate a seven-hour day for health and safety reasons. The Ministry of Labour sets the maximum number of permitted overtime hours that an employee can be asked to work.

During Ramadan, the statutory working hours are reduced by two hours for Muslim employees.

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Similarly as per the law Employees should not work more than five consecutive hours without a break of at least 30 minutes in any working day and should not remain at the workplace for more than 11 hours in total.

Working hours do not include periods designated for rest, prayers and meals.

Overtime is payable at 100% of the employee's usual hourly wage, plus a bonus rate of 50% of basic pay.

All work on Fridays and public holidays is considered to be overtime.

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