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No Hassle of Keys:

Usage of Keys has a few drawbacks but with a proper access control system installed the need for keys is eliminated. Restricting access to particular areas requires individual keys, also there is a risk of loss of keys. On the contrary, an proper access control system saves time for those accessing restricted areas and also saves you visits to the locksmith in case of lost keys.

The keys can even be duplicated, making your business vulnerable to unauthorized access. In the event that an employee loses their key or leaves the company and fails to return the company key, your business bears the expense of making new keys or even changing the locks to secure against unauthorized access. With an Access Control System, one can simply remove the employee’s access rights from the system or it even allows you to deactivate an access card and assign a new one. No need to change locks or issue new keys to everyone.

Be Informed of who is entering and exiting:

Access Control Systems assist businesses in keeping a full record of movements in and out of the business premise by logging every individual’s entry and exit including the time they arrive and leave. This is especially useful for business environments with high risk of internal theft, e.g. small items like pharmaceutical drugs can be easily stolen from clinics, pharmacies, and laboratories every day. Access Control Systems also provide great ease of access for personnel with entry clearance. They system can utilize various means of identification comprising access cards, PIN numbers, biometric readers such as fingerprint and more. With access control system the management is ensured people are working when they are supposed to be. In case of a theft or an accident, we exactly get to know who accessed a specific facility at the time of the incident.

Reducing the Risk of Theft and Accidents:

One can protect their company’s assets, valuable equipment’s or even office supplies by controlling access. Access to specific closets and computer banks can be restricted, so only trusted individuals can access them. Employees also are under an impression that their arrivals and departures are being tracked, which deters theft.

Likewise, some businesses might want to limit access to areas with hazardous chemical or equipment so as to reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents. Although access control can’t completely prevent theft, it can definitely hinder it by prohibiting general public/employees from accessing the building during off-hours or outside of their shifts.

Keeping Unwanted Visitors Out:

One of the benefits of using access control systems is that unauthorized people cannot get in. Since doors need credentials before they unlock, only those you’ve given credentials to can access the area. o With access control system in place, the management knows everyone in the building is authorized to be there.

Easy to manage After Hour Shifts:

With employees these days working in organizations at different timings, an access control system lets them enter/exit whenever they need to. People can come in early without waiting for someone to unlock the door nor the managers don’t have to stay late to lock up at the end of the day. With access control system and cards the management can offer flexible schedules to their employees. With advanced dashboards, the management can also check the employee log in / log out timings without manually being present in the business premises.

Restrict Access to certain areas:

Unlike the traditional key systems, access control systems allow you to grant access to certain people on specific days or to specific areas and at particular times. One can program any door and any card depending on their needs to serve a specific purpose.

Create a Safe Working Environment:

Access control systems let trusted individuals inside and keep others out. One has the freedom to do background checks and keep out anyone without the right credentials.

In the case of an emergency, access control systems can also keep your employees safe.

Doors with lock-and-key mechanisms remain locked, which can be unsafe when a fire or other emergency requires a swift escape. Through the use of fail-safe locks, doors unlock when the power cuts out, so all people can exit a building without the need to quickly look out for their keys.

Increased Security for Sensitive Areas:

Access control systems allow you to require credentials for entry into sensitive areas, such as data centers or any other zones that are vulnerable to threats such as vandalism, burglary, intrusion, indiscipline. This vigilance ensures your facility’s safety and security requirements are met without the hassle of traditional security systems.