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Self Service Kiosks helps to operate your Businesses more efficiently and deploy the staff more effectively. Lets try and understand the different types of Kiosk Machines available at Aflak with their applications:

Information Kiosks

Information Kiosks are a quick and a cost effective solution that assisting in conveying your business information to the customers in a quick and a convenient way.

They are ideal for the below mentioned Industries:

  • Health care : Patient kiosk that offers information about general health and they also offer to print a selection of documents.
  • Government: Information Kiosks here can give information to the visitor about the location/services with the ability to print.
  • Corporate: Provide staff to print letters of identification, pay slips, etc.
  • Retail and showrooms: Provide a catalogue of products and services offered by the business.
  • Schools: Display school awards, latest information, ability to print documents, school reports, etc.
  • Events: Numerous uses including exhibitor list or if allocated to an individual exhibitor it can display products/services, gather user details

Wayfinding Kiosks

Wayfinding Kiosks help give assistance towards locating buildings, offices or specific premises…They provide a simplified navigation in unfamiliar areas, assisting users to not only find the required location, but other points of interest around them as well.

Advertising Kiosks

The Advertising display kiosks generally utilize digital displays to showcase and promote goods, products, services or events from different companies to increase customer engagement further offering an excellent return on their investments.

  • Movie Theatres: Here Advertising kiosks here are used to promote upcoming movies as well as showcase food options and specials.
  • Quick Service Restaurants: QSRs utilize advertising display kiosks and digital signage to display digital menus, market new food items and combinations, as well as pricing.
  • Retail: Malls employ advertising kiosks to promote individual products as well as stores inside of their area.
  • Stadiums: Sports arenas and other large venues use display kiosks to promote different events taking place onsite.
  • Airports: Airports utilize advertising kiosks to promote new and established restaurants, as well as airlines and rental car services.

Payment Kiosk Machines

Major Industries today like Tourism, Retail and Education have started incorporating payment machines to improve their services and cut costs. From wall mounted options to outdoor floor standing versions, these payment kiosks come in various shapes and sizes.

Payment kiosks allow customers to make transactions with speed and ease. For example, bill payment kiosks enable users to pay bills in person quickly and without having to queue to make a payment via a staff member.

Often found at places locations like retail outlets or Government buildings, they can be fitted with a range of additional peripherals including barcode scanners, receipt printers, RFID readers and keyboards.

Ticket Kiosk Machines

A ticketing kiosk is an electronic, self-service ticketing solution that handles ticket sales and dispensing via an automated system rather than through a live agent. The purpose of the TICKETING KIOSK is to allow a customer to purchase what he or she needs without having to wait in line to speak with an employee, thus freeing up staff for more pertinent tasks.

Examples of Businesses using Ticketing Kiosks:

  • Airports and airlines: Airports employ ticketing kiosks to handle physical printouts of boarding passes as well as allow self-ticketing of checked baggage. This reduces lines for check-in and checked baggage at airport counters.
  • Rail, bus and subway travel: Many train, bus, and subway systems utilize ticketing kiosks to handle the sale of tickets, allowing for paper printouts without the need of an employee.
  • Movie theaters: Cinemas have been early adopters of ticket kiosks, which shorten traditional long wait times, especially during peak periods on the weekends. Ticket purchases can be made online and printed at the theater, or they can be purchased and printed at the same time before entering the lobby.
  • Professional sports venues: Sporting events employ ticketing kiosks to handle the sale of tickets in addition to providing a platform for additional advertisements.
  • Amusement Parks: Amusement parks utilize ticketing kiosks for entrance into various attractions as well as for the sale of food and beverage items.

Self Ordering Machines

These are majorly deployed at quick service restaurants and allow you to skip the lines and wait times and avoid any human interaction whatsoever. You can walk up to the kiosk, select your order at the large touchscreen, pay using a card or sometimes cash and then you simply wait for your food to be prepared and brought to you.

To discuss the features and benefits of self-service kiosks and how they can be effective across your Business environment, Contact us now.