Aflak's Labels, Ribbons & rolls help you run your thermal printers effectively & efficiently.

They are an affordable & easy to use solutions that match the OEM specifications to keep your direct thermal printer, thermal transfer printers, laser printers running smoothly.


We offer a wide range of blank roll labels designed for different models of printers. These labels can be die cut to any custom size, in quantities from one hundred labels to hundreds of thousands.

Horizontal Labels are available in the below mentioned sizes:

  • Thermal Label - W38xH19mm - 1000L/Roll (Horizontal)
  • Thermal Label - W50xH25mm - 1000L/Roll (Horizontal)
  • Thermal Label - W60xH40mm - 1000L/Roll (Horizontal)
  • Thermal Label (Jewelry) - W25xH65mm - 1000L/Roll

Vertical Set of Labels in the below mentioned ones:

  • Label - W19xH38mm - Thermal - 1000L/Roll (Vertical)
  • Label - W25xH50mm - Thermal - 1000L/Roll (Vertical)
  • Label - W40xH60mm - Thermal - 1000L/Roll (Vertical)
  • Label - W50xH100mm - Thermal - 1000L/Roll (Vertical)


Ribbons are classified in three categories: Wax, Wax/Resin and Resin, we provide an extensive choice of ribbon formulas to fine-tune print results on specific materials. Our ribbons can handle specific conditions involving chemicals, solvents, and temperature extremes.

face in ribbons

Face In Ribbons are available in varied widths & lengths ranging from 0.5" to 4.5".
face out ribbons



Thermal paper rolls available in sizes ( 79*70 mm ) , ( 57*70 mm) that are most demanding in the market can be used in a wide range of applications including Point-of-Sale, Cash Register, Credit Card Terminal, Kiosk, Fax, Pay-at-the-Pump, Medical, and more.