Digital Signage
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Digital Signage Solutions

Be it Point of Sale Digital Displays to Spectacular Advertisement.

Way Finding Directional Signage to In house Announcements the usage possibilities are endless.

pdf button Aflak offers exclusive & reliable digital signage solutions through which one can display dynamic videos, images, text and more direct to display screens anywhere, anytime!

This further helps to capture your audience's attention, build brands, improve customer experience and drive sales.

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  • Intelligently Designed Software
  • Design your layouts
  • Manage your Network
  • Schedule your Content & a lot more

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  • Design Layouts, Choose from existing templates, Schedule and preview campaigns, even Prioritize them.
  • Marvel’s built in User Authentication system keeps your content safe and secure.
  • Media Support available in the form of Image, Video, Ftml & Webpage’s.
  • Content Management System.
  • Application supported by Windows and Android Operating System.

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  • A powerful foreign exchange rate information solution
  • Ideal for banks, hotels, money changers, airports and travel agencies
  • Innovative Solution for Your Foreign Exchange Rate Display
  • Real time update of exchange rate information