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pdf buttonIt is a known fact that the ultimate result of a poor service and unsatisfied customers is loss of profits. Every customer wants the maximum attention, regardless of the number of other customers waiting to be served. Customers crowded at a counter become frustrated and soon create a stressful environment.

Instead of waiting in lines, closely behind one another, and with no privacy at all, your customers can spend the waiting time on their own choice. Each customer takes a ticket with a queue number and is free to decide where to wait and what to do. Your customer remains comfortable during waiting and serving time, leaves satisfied and remain your customer.

User friendly software keeps a record of the number of customer served, average waiting and serving time, customer rating of your service quality and stores them in its database for your further analysis to help you planning your resources better.

For Better Customer Service & Efficiency

Aflak’s queue management systems help in increasing service efficiency, decreasing average wait times, and adding advertising and promotional opportunities right into the queue.

Our state of the art queue management systems are easy to install, simple to operate, that enhance the customer experience at key touch points.

Customers hate to queue. Excessive waiting lines is a major cause of dissatisfaction across major sectors including Grocery stores and supermarkets, High street retailers, Banks, Theme parks.

Aflak provides standard as well as customized queuing solutions to cater to diverse queuing problems faced by different organizations.



Customers obtain tickets through the ticket dispenser, installed at the entrance, by simply pulling a ticket from a manual ticket dispenser or by pressing a button on a kiosk of a computerized system. A computerized system has a screen to display various types of services to select from. Tickets are issued serially with a remark of the time at which it was issued and the service for which it was issued along with the estimated waiting time.

Aflak Queuing System comprises of the following components:

A PC based controlling monitoring & reporting software, it can be accessed in real time or offline from any computer on the network.

Queue Server software screen displays a lot of valuable live data reporting the activities of all service staff like the number of customers served by each staff, Average time taken to serve customers, number of customers waiting at each counter and a lot more of such valuable live information.

The software can be installed in the server’s PC or in a touch screen kiosk for printing tickets upon selecting the required services on the touch screen. It comes in 12” or 19” touch screen version to support up to 60 services and supervises on one screen.

User customizable reports and statistics in both Arabic & English Languages can be generated which are further sorted by queue numbers, persons, hours, days, weeks, months & years and more other classifications.

An LCD Display screen that can outperform the competition by a full color LCD Display, which not only can display the queue and counter number but also displays advertising messages in both Arabic and English Language.

Main Display Board comes in two sections to display the ticket number being called and the counter number to which the customer should proceed. This unit receives the queue number signal from the Call Units. Up to 32 Call Units can be connected to one display.

It is normally placed strategically in the customer’s waiting area. Customers waiting to be served are notified of their turn through a voice announcement or a chime. Number of digits in the display can be 2, 3 or 4 digits depending on the volume of customers being served.

It comes with two or three digits display depending on your need. The Counter Display Board is placed on the top of the counter and displays the ticket number of the customer being served.

For basic applications and where cost is an issue this ticket dispenser serves the purpose of allowing the customer to pull a preprinted ticket from a manual ticket dispenser installed on a stand at the entrance. The ticket can be with a 2 or 3 digits number and of different colors to indicate different services, if required.

Their primary function is to allow a customer to select the service required to receive a ticket number against the service he selected. It requires a PC to co-ordinate and controls the functional units of the system. The PC software receives and distributes information from and to this ticket dispenser, customer display boards. The raw data is downloaded to a PC and stored for further analysis.

Options for touch screen are available. The ticket dispenser uses a standard 80 or 58 mm thermal printer with paper cutter.

Tickets pulled from a manual user friendly ticket dispenser are pre printed serialized tickets. Suck tickets can be of two or three tickets according to the requirement and the volume of customers being served.

The following Information in Arabic on English can be found on such tickets and can be more customized.

  • Service Type
  • Queuing Number
  • Time & Date
  • Average Waiting Time
  • Company Logo
  • Advertising & Slogans
  • Other Optional Information

The Keypad connects to the LCD display for the use by the counter service staff. A push button advances the next ticket number to be displayed & served or enables the staff member to call up the next number, switch to the next queue category and close or suspend the counter. It also has a button to call previous number and reset the last call number to zero.

The Keypad also connects to the LCD Display. It comes with a 20 digits display showing the queue number of the called customer. Each counter is equipped with one Call Keypad. Additional Information such as the total number of waiting customers can be displayed on the queue number display. The Call Keypad has a keyboard with 16 keys that has the following functions:

NEXT – For calling a new customer

CLOSE – For closing the counter

RECALL – For recalling the customer that has not responded to the first call

LAST – For calling the previous customer

RESET – To reset the queue to “O”

DIGITS – To call any Random number

The call Keypad can be used to call a specific number for service and can also receive messages from the software of the Manager. The Customer display is 2 or 3 digits LED Display Panel. It displays the queuing number of the customer to be served followed by the sound signal to catch customer’s attention and keeps the display till the customer is being served.

A voice notification on a ceiling or wall speakers can be enabled to notify the waiting customers of the queue number being served and which counter to be served. This feature is a very powerful one for customers that do not feel uncomfortable about which display they should be waiting. If they swipe their cards, the system can call them by the name, using a text to speech engine (TTS) and tell them which counter they can proceed to.

Marvel is a system with a flexible design to suit your unique functional needs. The displays and ticket dispenser can be provided in any custom color that suits the interior design concept for better integration with corporate image.


The Marvel Queue System is ideal for customer service oriented business, where waiting forms an essential part of the service, such as:


  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Airlines
  • Government Offices
  • Post Offices
  • Retail
  • Banks
  • Restaurants
  • Insurance Companies
  • Railways
  • Telecommunications