DatalogicAn Italy-based company engaged in production of technology equipment. Its activities are divided into five business segments.Its Core specialties are Automatic Data Capture and Industrial Automation for the retail, manufacturing, transportation & logistics and healthcare industries.
As a total solutions provider, the company has got a long history of creating innovative bar code readers, data collection mobile computers, sensors, vision systems and laser marking systems that meet the ever-changing demands of industry.

  • 83101201-001

    Barcode Scanner

    • Specifically designed for high-volume checkout environments.
    • Suitable for Supermarkets and Hypermarkets, Mass Merchandisers, Wholesale Clubs.
    • Highest performing 5-sided POS scanner available.
    • Improves operational efficiency through outstanding first-pass read-rates at an impressive value/performance ratio.
  • Aflak Associates with Microsoft as a Certified Partner & is also globally awarded as Datalogic Gold Partner.

    Aflak Electronic Industries is pleased to announce that we are now Microsoft Certified Partners. With this, Aflak is eligible to the latest software applications, marketing and training and support from Microsoft.

    Aflak can assist you with the latest products & services supported by Microsoft for having a direct access and information from Microsoft on a regular basis regarding needs and updates that relate to small businesses. It is a partnership one can trust to bring Growth & Results to your Business.

  • Datalogic QW2120 BKK1

    barcode scanner

    • Appropriate for Retail, Banking & Manufacturing Environments
    • Small & Comfortable to Use
    • Wider Scanning Angle
  • GD4430 BKK1S

    barcode scanner

    • High Speed Imaging to read faster moving codes
    • Excellent Barcode Reading performance with Mobile Devices & Ticketing Applications as well
    • User-friendly & Versatile
  • M3200-010110

    Barcode Scanner

    • Datalogic's high performance Imaging Technology
    • Linear and 2D barcode reading
    • Solid-state electronics
    • Software driven flexible and upgradeable
  • QD2130 BKK1S

    barcode scanner

    • Datalogic Green Spot for good read feedback
    • User replaceable scan window
    • Two multi-interface options support the most popular interface combinations
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